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Custom Woven Labels, Clothing Label Specialist, produce more and more every day

The world label shop, which increases its customer potential day by day, is a very assertive company in the production of woven labels.

Woven labels are one of the most important accessories used for brand promotion, especially for garment textile products. You can advertise your brand very well by using this type of labels. Woven labels have an important place in terms of the permanence of your brand.

OEKO-TEX Woven Labels

Do you have an OEKO-TEX certificate? Our new customers who ask, can find the answer in this area.

We produce and export OEKO-TEX certified woven labels, an ecological quality brand that expresses international reliability.

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Woven Labels, Woven Wristbands, Care Labels, Printed Ribbon and Printed Wristbands, Leather Labels, Hang Tags and Stickers, waterproof labels.

We offer unrivaled prices for bulk purchases; Thermal Sticker Roll, Reflective Sticker Roll, Blank Sticker Roll

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Would you like to be our customer? | Woven labels customized to your brand

For more than 25 years, we have been pleased to serve our customers in the label industry.

Our company, which has worldwide business potential, provides free professional support to our customers whose designs are not ready.

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Quality custom woven labels at unbeatable prices

Woven clothing labels price is affected by its materials, dimensions, colors, quantity and technics.

Materials; Cotton, polyester, Taffeta, nylon, ribbon, satin, silver lurex grosgrain like yarn 50D, 75D, 100D, 150D, damask, gold lurex

Cut ways; laser cut, heat cut, ultrasonic cut, cold cut

Fold types; Center Fold, End fold, Rolling, Miter Fold, Cut and Fold Special, Comfort Fold, Manhattan Fold, Single Side Fold.

Backing; tape, paper backing, plain, self adhesive tape, iron on labels

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What's in our service for woven labels

Free Artwork, Pre-Production Photo Sample

Production Time; Maximum 7 days, not depend on order quantity

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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